A Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science

The following documents illustrate how to work with the planetary VO, based on real science cases.

Help / tutorials for VO users
TOPCAT & EPN data services Using TOPCAT to browse EPN-TAP services
EPN client & TOPCAT Searching and plotting atmospheric profiles
Imaging spectroscopy tutorial Virtis/VEx EPN-TAP service on top of PSA + visualization tools
The Planetary Science VO General presentation for users (2014)
APIS tutorial Master course, in French (2015)

EPSC 2013 use cases (videos)
NameData services + Tools
Planetary Virtual Observatory Introduction
Auroral processes on Saturn AMDA & APIS + Aladin & EPN client
Exploring exoplanets Encyclopedia of exoplanets + EPN client & TOPCAT
Tracking asteroids Asteroid database + Aladin & SkyBoT
Martian environment AMDA & LatHyS + TOPCAT
Oxygen ions plume on Mars AMDA & LatHyS + 3DView & TOPCAT
Pluto surface Observational spectra + GhoSST

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