Local databases

Planetary Science databases developed at VO-Paris are accessible through the (internal) VO portal.
EPN-TAP services are accessible from the VESPA EPN client.
Some of them also have a dedicated entry page, sometimes providing extra functions:

Databases with VO access
APIS: Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy Direct access
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia Direct access
Vertical profiles in Titan atmosphere
Page in construction
(access through VESPA interface only)
BaseCom: Nançay cometary database Older version (under test)
IKS/Halley: IR spectra of comet Halley from the Vega-1 spacecraft Description page & direct access
BDIP: Historical telescopic images cured at IAU's Centre de Documentation Planétaire in Paris/Meudon Observatory (1890-1977) Direct access
M4ast: Asteroid spectral modeling Direct access
Natural satellites data centre (available in Miriad) Direct access
Comet ephemeris data base (available in Miriad) Direct access
HELIO features catalog: active regions Direct access
HELIO features catalog: radio bursts Direct access
Jupiter/DAM: Routine observations of Jupiter from Nançay decametric network Direct access
Databases with VO layer in development
CCD imaging of Solar System objects from Pic-du-Midi 1m telescope (in project)
Basemol: Properties of molecules of cometary interest Direct access
VIRTIS/Venus-Express and VIRTIS/Rosetta archive tools with additional derived data products Direct access (currently restricted)
TNOs are cool: Herschel key program and support data Direct access (demo site)
Kronos: Cassini RPWS-HFR data Direct access (partly restricted)
FP7-ESPaCE Natural Satellite Data Base Direct access (currently restricted)

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