The Encyclopedia of Exoplanets was developed at LUTH with support from VO-Paris.
The service complies with the IVOA standards. It can be queried by the TAP and Cone Search protocols, e.g. from the global portal located at http://voparis-srv.obspm.fr/portal/

The service can also be queried from the VESPA interface located at http://vespa.obspm.fr/
A video tutorial to use the catalogue with the client and TOPCAT is available.
Several derived public outreach services are available.

VO-Paris Resources
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia LUTH + VO-Paris
Exoplanets / Media4 A multi-language project for schools (being updated)
Exoplanets in Mizar Multiresolution sky atlas (in collaboration with CNES)
External Resources
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia, link list More complete site list in the Encyclopedia
California & Carnegie Planet Search Almanac University of California
Exoplanet Data Explorer Exoplanet Data Explorer
Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programmes Geneva Observatory
Exoplanet Transit Database Czech Astronomical Society
Exoplanet Exploration Program JPL site
Open Exoplanet Catalogue Catalogue with KML file for GIS (GoogleSky, etc)
Asteroseismology and Exoplanet search COROT Mission Operational Archive at IAS
NASA Exoplanet archive NASA site with access to Kepler candidates catalogue

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