VO services and demonstrators

VO services and demonstrators have been developed at VO-Paris as part of the assessment study of IDIS, most of them are finalized.

APERICubes PDS on-line reader & viewer demonstrator (3rd version) - based on JS9, currently using Virtis Venus-Express data (spectral cubes).
PDS on-line reader & viewer An older version of the PDS on-line access demonstrator (2nd version) - based on WebSampProfile, Aladin and TOPCAT.
Planetary image mosaics Mosaics of AMIE/Smart-1 and Virtis/Venus-Express in Aladin (VO standards) and Quantum GIS (OGC standards).
Older demonstrators, finalized
Data service validator Checks the interfaces of a data service, testing various protocols. PDAP (v 1.0) was included in the IDIS framework.
PDAP client Demonstrator of PDAP access - now included in EPN-TAP client.
Object resolver SSODNet name resolver for Solar System objects. Now used for name completion in EPN-TAP client.
Miriade Web form VO-compliant ephemeris service with visibility charts.
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