VO-Paris Data Access

VO-Paris Data Centre offers global, user-friendly, query forms to access Planetary Science data services through VO mechanisms. Standard data access is through the VO-Paris/Europlanet client, which connects EPN-TAP and PDAP services.

The VO-Paris portal is intended as a technical interface to access all local data services (including Astronomy) for maintenance purpose. The "Planetary Data" tab in the upper right corner also queries all currently existing PDAP services (VO-Paris, PSA, and DARTS).

Standard outputs are formatted as VOtable, which can be sent to TopCat for visualization and conversion to ascii files. TopCat can also be used directly to query EPN-TAP services (see tutorial).

Europlanet / VO-Paris client The main client queries EPN-TAP and PDAP services (in test)
VO-Paris PDAP portal Technical PDAP interface demonstrator (now integrated in the EPN-TAP client)
TopCat access EPN-TAP services can also be accessed from TopCat (tutorial)

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